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Illuminations from the collection of Icelandic sagas, the Flateyjarbˇk.

A 14th century manuscript

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Country of Origin: Iceland. Held by: Stofnun Arna Magnussonar a Islandi, Reykjavik, Iceland. Source: Werner Forman Archive

Referenced on p.42, MAA - 399 - Medieval Scandinavian Armies (2): 1300-1500 by David Lindholm and Angus McBride
Some of the armed men illustrated in the late 14th century Icelandic Flateyjarbˇk, a collection of sagas about the Scandinavian kings written around 1390. As in so much 14th century Scandinavian art, the soldiers wear broad-brimmed chapels-de-fer; in addition to swords and spears, many are also armed with large war-axes, just as their Viking forebears had been. Cf Plate D2. Held in the Royal Library of Copenhagen for several centuries, the Flateyjarbˇk and another unique manuscript were ceremonially returned to Iceland in 1971; many other Icelandic manuscripts followed. (Manuscript Institute, GKS 1005 Fol., Col. 130, Reykjavik, Iceland)

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