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Selected Illustrations from

Emperor Maximilian I's

"The Adventures of the Knight Theuerdank", 1517

Die geuerlicheiten un einsteils der geschichten des loblichen streytparen und hochberümbten helds und Ritters heer Tewrdannckhs (literally translated as The Adventures of the honourable, valorous and far-famed knight, Sir Theuerdank) - was commissioned by Emperor Maximilian I intended to chronicle his life. It was printed and coloured in 1517. The 118 large illustrations to Theuerdank were a collaboration between a variety of artists, including Hans Burgkmair (13), Leonard Beck (77), Hans Schäuffelein (20), Erhard Schön (3), Wolfgang Traut (2), the Master NH (1), Hans Weiditz (1 possibly) and Jörg Breu I (1). Tradition suggests that the text to Theuerdank was written by one of the Emperor's close friends - Melchior Pfintzing. However, it is likely that much, if not all, the text was supplied by the Emperor himself. The tale tells a fictional version of the journey taken by the Emperor to meet his betrothed, Maria of Burgundy (the daughter of Charles the Bold of Burgundy). Source

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