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Conquista de Orán

Conquest of Oran, 1509, painted by Juan de Borgoña, 1514

Click on parts of the image for a larger detail.

Larger images of:
The Moors Retreat to Oran Pursued by the Spanish
The Spanish Assault on Oran
Spanish Soldiers Advance on Oran
. Detail of Spanish soldiers with the banner of Cardinal Cisnero
. Detail of Cardinal Cisneros

Picture Source: Magazine La Alcazaba
La Toma de Orán (1509) de la capilla mozárabe de la Catedral de Toledo.
The Taking of Oran (1509) in the mozarabic chapel of the Cathedral of Toledo.

Used as a source in Renaissance Armies: The Spanish, by George Gush
See also The Pastrana Tapestries of Affonso V, showing Portuguese conquests in North Africa, late 15th century
The 1535 Attack on La Goleta by Charles V from the 1744 copies of the 'Conquest of Tunis' Tapestries.
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