Illustrations of the

Bayeux Tapestry

with captions in Latin & English

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Harold in Normandy
  1 King Edward
  2-3 Where Harold, duke of the English, and his knights ride to Bosham Church
  4 Here Harold sailed by sea
  5 and with sails filled with wind came to the land of Count Wido
  6 Harold
  7 Here Wido seized Harold
  8 and led him to Beaurain and held him there
  9 Where Harold & Wido confer
10 Where the messengers of Duke William came to Wido
11 The messengers of William
12 Here the messenger comes to Duke William
13 Here Wido led Harold to William Duke of the Normans
14 Here Duke William comes with Harold to his palace
15 Where a cleric and Ælfgyva…
16 Here Duke William and his army came to the Mount of Michael
William's Breton Campaign and the Coronation of Harold as King of England
17 and here they crossed the Couesnon River Here Duke Harold dragged them from the sand
18 and they came to Dol and Conan turned in flight
19 Here the knights of Duke William fight against the men of Dinan
20 and Conan passed out the keys
21 Here William gave arms to Harold
22 Here William came to Bayeux
23 Where Harold made an oath to Duke William
24 Here Duke Harold returned to English land
25 and he came to King Edward
26 Here the body of King Edward is carried to the Church of Saint Peter the Apostle
27 Here King Edward in bed speaks to his faithful followers 28 and here he died
29 Here they gave the king's crown to Harold
30 Here sits Harold King of the English 31 Archbishop Stigand
32 These people marvel at the star
33 Harold
34 Here an English ship came to the land of Duke William
35 Here Duke William ordered ships to be built
36 Here they drag the ships to the sea
The Norman Invasion of England
37 These men carry arms to the ships and here they drag a cart with wine and arms
38 Here Duke William in a great fleet crossed the sea and came to Pevensey
39 Here the horses leave the ships
40 and here the knights have hurried to Hastings to seize food
41 Here is Wadard
42 Here the meat is being cooked and here the servants have served (it)
43 Here they made breakfast
     And here the bishop blesses the food and drink
44 Bishop Odo, William, Robert
45 He ordered that a motte should be dug at Hastings
     The camp
46 Here it was announced to William concerning Harold
47 Here a house is burned
48 Here the knights have left Hastings and have come to the battle against King Harold
49 Here Duke William asks Vitalis if he has seen Harold's army
The Battle of Hastings
50 This man tells King Harold about Duke William's army
51 Here Duke William speaks to his knights to prepare themselves manfully and wisely for the battle against the army of the English
52 Here have fallen dead Leofwine and Gyrth, brothers of King Harold
53 Here English and French fell at the same time in battle
54 Here Bishop Odo, holding a club, gives strength to the boys
55 Here is Duke William
56 Eustace
     Here the French are fighting and have killed those who were with Harold
57 Here King Harold is slain
58 and the English have turned in flight

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