Pictures of (mostly) Swiss Soldiers by Urs Graf

Urs Graf (born c. 1485 in Solothurn, Switzerland; possibly died before 13 October 1528) was a Swiss Renaissance goldsmith, painter and printmaker (of woodcuts, etchings and engravings), as well as a mercenary soldier. He only produced two etchings, one of which dates from 1513 – the earliest known etching for which a date has been established. However, his woodcuts are considered of greater significance, particularly as he is attributed with the invention of the white-line woodcut technique, where white lines create the image on a black background. He also produced a few engravings, including copies of works by Martin Schongauer and Albrecht Dürer. He produced innovative drawings intended as finished works of art rather than just studies.

War wife with two children
Source   Date: 1508

Source   Date: 1513

Bearded Man

Man with a sundial


Battle of Marignano

Date: 1521

Werbung, 1515

Soldier carrying the standard of Schaffhouse

Four Fifers
Date: 1523

Pen and ink drawing by Urs Graf, Basel 1525 (Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris).

Schreitender Landsknecht
Source   Date: 1st Half of the 16th Century

Mercenary love

Date: 1513

Date: 1514

Pikeman (rear)
Date: 1514

Standard Bearer
Date: 1514

Consiglio di guerra
Date: 1515

Date: 1516

Swiss Mercenary and prostitute
Date: 1516

Landsknecht and Devil.
Date: 1516.

Ensign with Boy at
Wayside Cross     Date: 1516

Standard bearer and prostitute
Date: 1516

Man in coat and creature
Date: 1518

Returning Landsknecht.
Date: 1519

Krieger im harnisch.
Date: 1519

Bearer of Julius Banner of Zug
Date: 1521

The Bearer of the Banner of
the Canton Glarus    Date: 1521

Standard Bearer of Zurich.
Date: 1521

Standard Bearer of Schaffhausen

Standard Bearer of Solothurn

Standard Bearer of St Gallen

Standard Bearer of Appenzell

Standard Bearer of Zug

Standard Bearer of Glarus

Standard Bearer of Schwyz

Standard Bearer of Unterwalden

Standard Bearer of Fribourg

Standard Bearer of Basel

Swiss Mercenary
Date: 1523

2 mercenaries & a woman
with Death    Date: 1524

Battle of the Lansquenets
Date: 1510-1530

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Emperor Maximilian I's The Adventures of the Knight Theuerdank, 1517
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