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Soldiers on 15th Century Catalonian Altarpieces

Battle of El Puig, Altarpiece of St George, Valencia, Spain, c.1400
Crucifixion of St. Andrew, by Borrassà, Barcelona, Spain, 1400-1415
Embrace in the Golden Gate, The Kiss of Judas, Aragon, Spain, 1410-1425
Altarpiece of St. Barbara, by Sarria, Valencia, Spain, 1410-25
Battle of El Puig, Alterpiece of St George, Jerica, Spain, 1420
Altarpiece of Saint Vincent, by Martorell, Barcelona, Spain, 1438-40
Martyrdom of Saint Eulalia, by Martorell, Barcelona, Spain, 1442-5
St. Jerome & St. Sebastian by Ferrer, Aragon, Spain, 1450
St. Vincent at the stake, by Huguet, Barcelona, Spain, 1455-60
Calvary, Altar of Sant Esteve de Granolles, Spain, 1495-1500

Museo Nazionale di Arte della Catalogna - MNAC, Barcellona

Other Spanish and North African Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
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