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Illustrations depicting 10th Century German Soldiers from

The Leiden I Maccabees manuscript / Codex Perizoni F 17.

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Book of Maccabees I, Saint Gall, Switzerland, second half of 9th–early 10th century, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Leiden, Codex Perizoni
The codex contains the first book of Maccabees and excerpts from the fourth book of the Epitoma Rei Militaris by Vegetius. It was probably started in the Abbey of Saint Gall and finished at the Abbey of Reichenau. It is famous for its 28 illuminated pages, thought to be early depictions of a historical battle: the incursions of the Magyars in southern Germany. The manuscripts may have been bound together into a codex c.1190-1200.

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