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Selected illustrations of military interest from
'Chroniques' by Jean Froissart
The 'Harley Froissart', Part 1, British Library Harley MS 4379

f.60v, Expedition of the English and the French to Barbary

f.83v, Assault on the strong town of Africa in Barbary

f.104v, Retreat from Africa

f.113r, Expedition of count Jean d'Armagnac to Lombardy
Harley MS 4379
Date: c.1470-1472
Title: Jean Froissart, Chroniques (the 'Harley Froissart')
Content: Jean Froissart, Chroniques, volume IV, Part 1 (the 'Harley Froissart'). Part 2 is Harley MS 4380.
Language: French
Physical Description:
    Materials: Parchment codex.
    Dimensions: 420 x 320 mm (text space: 270 x 195 mm).
    Foliation: ff. iii + 184 + iii (all flyleaves are unfoliated parchment leaves).
    Script: Gothis hybrid (Bastarda).
    Binding: Post-1600 binding of green velvet over wooden boards with brass clasps, one missing, c. 1700; rebacked; gilt edges.
Origin: Netherlands, S. (Bruges).
Provenance: Philippe de Commynes (b. 1447, d. 1511), statesman and chronicler: his added arms, quartered with those of his Flemish mother, Marguerite d'Armuyden (ff. 3r, 12v, 20v, 29v, 32v, 36r, 60v, 83v, 99r, 109v, 135v, 142v, 146r, 160r); he probably acquired the manuscript before 1472, when he transferred his allegiance from Charles the Bold to the rival Louis XI of France.
Source: British Library Harley MS 4379

See also Burgundian soldiers in Part 1, 'Harley Froissart' Part 2, Chronicles by Jean Froissart, Southern Netherlands (Bruges), c 1470-1472, British Library Harley MS 4379
'Histoire de Charles Martel', by David Aubert, illustrated by Loyset Liedet, Ms. 9, Biblioteque Royale, Brussels, c.1470
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